Friday, February 17, 2012

Four & half days workweek???

Celebrating four & half days workweek???

Cute Cupcake for the celebration

Emmhh... not so really agree with that, why?? OK, refer to my list below

The CONs...

First, of cos I cannot go back early as usual...

Second, everyday from Mon to Thurs you need to work extra one hour... fuhhh

Third, if you apply leave between Mon to Thurs, meaning you already wasted one hour for each day leave you've taken...

Fourth, the new working hours still maintain start at 8 a.m... which means I can only go back at 6pm although, I come at 7.15 am. They should revise the time to 7.30 a.m, at least, I can still go back at 5.30 pm... emmhhh

What I hate the most... I've to face the traffic jam every Mon-Thurs... confirm after 6pm, traffic would be horror.

The PROs...

Of course lah... I will go back early every Friday, but this means nothing to me as I'm still single. Maybe if I've children that that will be an added advantage... more time for the family... hehehe.

I have more time berfoya-foya without no more worry of getting back late to office after lunch

Maybe I can spend more time to settle many things... emmhh but not really.

Conclusion...More CONs then PROs

But, whatever it is... I strongly not happy with this new working hour policy. What to do??? no choice & just enjoy the new working days

Happy new working days

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