Sunday, June 24, 2012

JITH Day 2

Johor International Treasure Hunt 2012  
Sunday, 10 June 2012
Kg Parit Tengah - Tanjung Piai

Today is our last day for JITH 2012 Leg 2. So, pagi-pagi lagi kami dah bangun bersiap because we have to be at Dewan Haji Hashim before 8 a.m. And before that, breakfast terakhir kami bersama mak angkat kami yang baik hati, aunty Umi Kalthom. Thanks for everything.

Bergambar Kenangan with our Mak Angkat, Aunty Umi Kalthom

Berkumpul ditempat yang sama semalam for Day 2 hunting

We're ready

Date: 10th June 2012 (Sunday)
Time: 8:30 am
Venue: Haji Hashim Hall, Kampung Parit Tengah, Rengit

Queuing for the Leg 2 tasks
Check Point Task 1 – Haji Hashim Hall, Kg Parit Tengah

CP1 - Q1:
To a Sarawakian, it is an airplane. Burst it to get the sticker inside. Then, paste the sticker in the answer space here.

Answer: Balloon


Airplane in Sarawakian’s tongue = belon = balloon

Dah dapat soalan bukan nak buka dulu, padahal the first CP1 was here

Check Point Task 2 – Bugis Museum, Teluk Kerang

 CP2 task... Muzium Bugis

CP2 - Q3:
This house is made of femur, patella, tibia and fibula?


femur, patella, tibia and fibula = BONE

CP2 - Q2:
This weapon is the combination of the sun, Malay and gravity.

Weapon = Clue
Sun = SUN
Malay ‘and’ = DAN
Gravity = G

Answers for CP2

Check Point Task 3 – Tanjung Piai Homestay, Serkat

I did not snap any photo here.

CP3 - Q4: Name the traditional game that is being played here. 
Answer: CONGKAK 

Check Point Task 4 – Tanjung Piai National Park, Tg Piai
CP5 Our last task, welcome to Tanjung Piai

CP4 - Q5:
Who has a green thumb?

Only one member of your team must plant a mangrove in the designated area.

1st task... kena tanam pokok bakau yea

CP5 - Q6:
Go to the end of the continent and take a photo with the whole planet. Show the photo to the secretariat on duty at the dock.



The whole planet = GLOBE

Route to our second task

Macam tak caya jer, I've have made it this far


Treasure #1:
Ready to find something crispy this time,
Oriental Food Industries cracks a clue so prime,
This shrimp-like shellfish tastes the best, we’d chime,
At the beginning, the brand is in this Acrostic rhyme.


crispy = clue for crackers
Oriental Food Industries = clue of manufacturer
cracks = clue for crackers
shrimp-like shellfish = clue for PRAWN
At the beginning = hint for initial
Acrostic rhyme = clue for first letter of the poem
Read downward = R.O.T.A.

Treasure #2:
This treasure is krafted under cookie and confection,
It is named like that golfer with a feline distinction,
Blackberry Internet Service leads the syllable dictation,
Then it is preceded by the strong local translation.


krafted = clue of the manufacturer
cookie and confection = clue for biscuit
golfer with a feline distinction = TIGER (wood)
Blackberry Internet Service = BIS
strong local translation = translate LOCAL in Malay = KUAT

Treasure #3:

TH + One + Scarf – Thor + É = Nescafé
*Present one in a can

Treasure #4:
This treasure here is given for free,
The feedback forms return we plea,
What you need to do is to fill in your copy,
We hope you would answer it sincerely.

Answer: FEEDBACK FORM (each member)

The treasures

In-Car Challenge:

1) In a kampung, there are five houses used as homestays, painted with five different colours.
2) In each house, there is a tourist of different nationality as their guest.
3) These five tourists each enjoy drinking a different kind of local beverage, eating different type of Johorean dish and playing a different traditional game.

1. The American lives in a red house.
2. The Egyptian plays gasing.
3. The Japanese drinks sugarcane juice.
4. The green house is next to, and on the left of the white house.
5. The guest of the green house drinks bandung soda.
6. The guest who eats nasi ambang plays batu seremban.
7. The guest of the yellow house eats mee bandung muar.
8. The guest living in the centre house drinks air katira.
9. The Russian lives in the first house.
10. The guest who eats laksa johor lives next to the one who plays sepak raga.
11. The guest who plays tarik upih lives next to the guest who eats mee bandung muar.
12. The guest who eats otak-otak kempas drinks coconut water.
13. The German eats bariyani gam.
14. The Russian lives next to the blue house.
15. The guest who eats laksa johor has a neighbour who drinks teh tarik.

Who plays congkak?

Answer: GERMAN

The answers & explanations for the the other 15Qs can be found at

Johor International Treasure Hunt - Leg 2 Answers


Date: 10th June 2012 (Sunday)
Time: 1:30 pm - Treasure Hunt Leg 2 concludes - submission beyond this point will be penalized
           2:00 pm - Secretariat counter closes - submission beyond this point will be disqualified
Venue: Kompleks Penghulu Mukim Serkat, Tanjung Piai, Pontian

Alhamdulillah, we've made it at 1 p.m. Actually we arrived much earlier but solving the In Car challenge took us half an hour to think about the answers. Luckily, it was GERMAN.

Selera akak2 ni layan makanan orang bugis & laksa Johor yea

The VIPs are coming for the closing ceremony

Everyone is waiting for the answers & winners
Winners for this year JITH 2012... congratulations

As expected the winners are the regular hunters.

Thanks to the organizing committees of JITH 2012 for the successful of JITH 2012 with the theme of "Hunting Treasure with Homestay Pleasure". It was really fun & adventurous. Waiting for next year event.

Thanks organizer for the JITH photos too.

End of JITH Day 2

Saturday, June 23, 2012

JITH Day 1

Johor International Treasure Hunt 2012  
Saturday & Sunday, 9 & 10 June 2012
Dataran Bandaraya - Kg Parit Tengah - Tanjung Piai, Pontian

A day before…

KL-JB-Tune Hotel Danga Bay

Last week, I spend my 3 days exploring the Johor state. Not with the intention of jalan-jalan but we have more than that… hunting treasures. But this time is different from the previous hunting I joined because it was a 2D 1N hunting and it was an international event… hehehe… international lah sangat kan. Tak Nampak kat mana yang international nye… mostly Malaysian or more precisely most of the participants were malays. Maybe what they meant by international here is our neighbours… Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia & yang sewaktu dengan nye lah kot. That’s why I could not differentiate because most of the asean countries… the skin color, the looks are not much difference and the only obvious different maybe the language. So, I guest maybe adelah kot yang bawa kawan-kawan dia or maybe their maid to this event just to get the RM100 discount for the fees.
The first day, we headed at 3pm from KL to JB and it took us three hours. We stayed at Tune Hotel Danga Bay, JB. Luckily, the hotel is only 15 minutes to Dataran Bandaraya MBJB, so, takde lah rushing sangat nak ke briefing on that night. The hotel is very clean and so nice. Price also reasonable & the most important thing very comfortable even though only a small space but to me, enough just to stay one night. We paid RM58.30 (2 persons) with an add on 12 Hours Air Cond. + Towel & Free Essentials toiletries kit (RM16). To book this hotel… the procedure same like you book the flight. And if you want to get cheaper price, wait for the AA promo.
Pre-Hunt Briefing
The Pre-Hunt Briefing detail was held at Multipurpose Hall, Dataran Bandaraya MBJB, Johor Bahru between 8:00pm - 10:00pm. I didn’t go to the briefing because menemankan my OKUS friend, Cik Gojes. So, only Cik Huzz & Amy saja yang attend the briefing. So, while waiting for them, aku & Cik Gojes pun jalan-jalan pusing the nearest area finding food for tomorrow’s hunt. Yelah… Takut tak sempat nak singgah mana-mana kan nanti. So, early preparation is so important.
Around 10pm, return to Dataran Bandaraya MBJB, amek Huzz & Amy and back to our hotel. Oppss… singgah Danga bay kejap, sebab nak jumpa Kak Long Gojes dulu. Lepas pass ubat, quick chit chatting & then baru balik trus ke Hotel dengan satay yang tak dapat digambarkan kelazatan nyer. Thanks Kak Long, sampai hari ni I still remembered, that was the very delicious satay I ever tasted.

JITH 2012 Day 1
Saturday, 9 June 2012
Dataran Bandaraya - Kg Parit Tengah
The next morning, we checked out at 7.30 a.m, since we need to be at Dataran JB around 8.00 a.m like that. Our car was the fourth car yang sampai. We’re provided with light breakfast & drinks. Then, ade photo session. We flagged off a bit late than we’re supposed to be… I think around 9.30 a.m juga lah… as usual waiting for the VIP to come. And sebab tunggu orang2 ni juga kami terpaksa berhujan… emmhhh. Anyway, aku rase kat mana2 event yang melibatkan orang-orang besar pun slalu macam ni, nak buat macam mana kan… you have to follow.

Seawal pagi kami dah sampai

Hanya sandwich & kuih lapis pelangi sebagai breakfast

The participants with the VVIPs photography session

Zoom skit... only three of us, Gojes tak boleh kena Hujan, sian dia

The registration... masa ni tengah hujan gerimis

Our Lucky Number for today's hunt but not lucky to get second place

Flag off... Ready to go

Check Point Task 1 - Lamam Merdeka

CP1 Task 1... How many files are there?

CP1 - Q1:
Kimigayo wa
Ohiyo ni yachiyo ni
Sazaneishi no
Iwaoto navite
Koke no musu made

Based on the text above, how many files are there?
Answer: 8

CP1 - Q2:
Anagram this word: GAMES
Rearrage GAMES = GEMAS

CP1 - Q3:
Homophone for this word: TYPING
Sounds like TYPING = TAIPING

Check Point Task 2 - @Mart Kempas Community Supermarket, Tampoi

I did not snap any photo at this CP2.

CP2 - Q4:
This sucker puts nothing in hanging.

Sucker = vacuum cleaner = another word for HOOVER
Nothing = 0
Puts in = Hint for insertion
Hanging = HOVER
Puts 0 in HOVER = HOVER

CP2 - Q5:
The King with the golden touch may own this store
The King with the golden touch = King MIDAS
Store = MART
Ans: Pasaraya Midas Mart

CP2 - Q5:
What you bid before bed
Ans: Goodnite

 Check Point Task 3 - Johor Premium Outlet, Kulaijaya

CP3 Task... answers are just around the ground floor of JPO

CP3 - Q6:
This brand consists of each of the two upper limbs of the human body from the shoulder to the hand and an eye.

Each of the two upper limbs of the human body from the shoulder to the hand = ARM
An = AN
Eye = I

CP3 - Q6:
Come noon, Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson flip a gnat here.
Come noon = add NOON to answer
SHANGHAI NOON = A film acted with Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson
Flip = hint for spelling backward
Reverse GNAT = TANG

Check Point Task 4 - 1Malaysia Yard Home, Parit Raja 

CP4 - Q7:
At least one member of your team should take a photo this Castor and Pollux’s computer case. Show the photo to the secretariat on duty.

Castor and Pollux = TWIN
Computer case = TOWER

The answer for CP4...Masa ni aku masih berpura-pura lagi

Check Point Task 5 - Kampung Parit Tengah, Rengit

CP5 - Q10:

Who is ready to get wet?

Only one member of your team must try to catch at least one shrimp using the traditional way called “menangguk”. That person needs to go into this waist-height ditch and uses the given tool. The assigned team member may proceed to the final pit stop on the oil palm “coach” provided.

CP5 task... Menangguk Udang the traditional way

Acara yang paling mendapat sambutan hangat penduduk Kg Parit Tengah, Rengit

Inilah antara udang yang telah berjaya ditangguk... size doesn't matter OK as long as you can capture at least one shrimp

Abang ni macam dah ade skill yea

Oil Palm Coach provided for team member assigned for menangguk Udang

She is really working hard for the answers... In Car Challenge


Treasure #1:
In its movie, Angelina Jolie plays as a spy,
Fine it, of coarse – it is your choice to buy;
It is clipped withiN a Clue – typos intended,
It describes its taste when it is Y-ended,


Angelina Jolie’s movie = SALT
Fine / Coarse = Typo for “FIND” / “course” = types of salt
Clipped = clue for clipping
SALT + Y = Salty

Treasure #2
Plus + Highway + (Troll – R) + Receipt

Plus + Highway + (Troll – R) + Receipt = PLUS HIGHWAY TOLL RECEIPT

Treasure #3

It is burned at its tip; it is not incense sticks,
Its shape is spiral; it is neither a spring nor helix;

“Some fumblers kill in battery standard size,”
- The name of this smoker with an elephant head guise.

ANSWER: Fumakilla A mosquito coil

burned at tip, not smoking incense = clue
“spiral, not a spring” = clue
some = hint for partial
some FUMblers = FUM
in = hint for insertion
battery standard size = AAA
Put “KIL” in “AAA” = AA A
smoker’s name = FUMAKILLA A
elephant head = clue

The answers & explanations for the route questions (30Qs) can be found at

Johor International Treasure Hunt - Leg 1 Answers


The Leg 1 Pit stop... Haji Hashim Hall, Kampung Parit Tengah, Rengit
Submission the Leg 1 answers

Menikmati minum petang selepas penat memerah otak & keringat

Ubi Kayu Rebus dengan Ikan Masin & sambal cili... my first time

Dah kenyang minum petang... sambung kat rumah Mak angkat kami pulak... pulut durian

Waiting for the answers presentation

Sementara tu... orang kampung kat luar tengah bertungkus lumus menyediakan hidangan nasi Ambeng

Our dinner... Nasi Ambang

Nasi Ambang yang paling sedap aku pernah rasa tapi part aku tak habis pun sebab to much for small stomach like me

Lepas dah kenyang... layan persembahan tarian tradisional & zapin from adik-adik yang cute

Oppss... persembahan yang mantap dari kugiran Kg Parit Tengah

End of Day 1 JITH 2012
To be continued

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Tanggal 16 June 2012, hari yang takkan kulupakan dalam diari hidupku… hari yang telah meragut sebahagian daripada kegembiraan dan kebahagianku… bunyi macam serius jerk kan tapi tulah hakikat nye yang berlaku kat aku, ambil masa 2 hari juga lah untuk aku lalu makan & 3 hari juga nak lupakan apa yang berlaku adalah kenyataan. Sekarang aku pasrah jelah nak wat camne kan, dah hilang, walaupun bukan 100% kelalaian aku tapi aku rase lately banyak sangat barang yang aku sayang hilang, Ya Allah, adakah ini dugaan yang kau nak tunjukkan kepada hamba mu yang lemah & leka ini. Sekarang aku cuma nak cari kat mana silap nye.

Kronology tragedy 16 June 2012, Saturday

6.45 a.m – Sampai & parking betul-betul kat depan kakigym. Kalau orang keluar masuk, confirm lah boleh nampak aku punye keter. Kedua-dua belah side aku memang takde keter. Yang ade  pun Cuma selang satu on my right side.

6.55 a.m – call Sya (member  kakigym) yang dah janji nak sampai 6.45 a.m tapi lambat juga. So, aku masih ingat lagi masa tu aku tengah cakap lagi dengan Sya. Dia org ckp nak dah nak sampai dah… tup tup by the time aku letak or end the conversation, keter Mariam pun sampai park betul2 kat sebelah keter aku. Dan seingat aku, lepas letak je phone dalam porch baldu hitam aku yang turut berisi I.C & cash RM50… aku pun amek beg gym aku and masuk keter Mariam... tanpa menyedari  atau lebih tepat lagi kedengaran benda jatuh dari aku. Masa tu xdelah rushing sangat pon. Aku masih tak menyedari apa yang berlaku. Dan ketika itu juga, sempat lagi aku lihat Habib, trainer kakigym baru nak buka pintu kakigym… dia pun perasan kami kat situ.

7.20 a.m – Sampai Stadium kajang parking lot before keluar keter… Opps aku perasan yang porch aku takde dengan aku. Dalam hati takkan lah aku ter tinggal dalam keter kot, rasa rasa macam dah masuk kan dalam beg gym aku. So, nak sedap kan hati, aku rase memang terdrop lah kot dalah keter. Tapi dalam hati still rasa tak senang lagi memikirkan kalu aku letak kt seat sebelah boleh jadi orang pecah keter… masa tu macam2 negative thinking yang datang. Aku akui memang pernah tertinggal pun (tapi jarang sangat). Tapi aku habis kan juga lah larian aku dengan hati yang berbelah bagi.

8.30 a.m – Larian tamat tapi macam biasa lah kena tunggu yang lain sampai dulu bau gerak balik.

9.00 a.m – Balik. Sempat suruh sya buat calling to my number, ade bunyi meaning adelah kat dalam keter tu (ayat nak sedap kan hati).

9.20 a.m – Singgah breakfast dulu. Pastu baru balik.

9.50 a.m – Sampai kat depan kakigym, tekan alarm… cari porch aku dulu. Sah memang takde dalam keter. Nak kata kena pecah tak  mungkin sebab takde tanda2 kena pecah or kalu x mesti benda lain hilang juga. Tak puas hati aku cari keliling area situ, bawah keter orang, dalam keter orang yang dekat2 pun aku jengah juga. Longkang, tong sampah & everywhere… memang takde.

10.00 am – aku balik umah cari backup phone nak search aku punye phone. Pastu aku gerak g umah Mariam, kot2 terdrop dalam keter makcik tu... walaupun dah cai pagi tadi. Takde juga. 
10.30 a.m – ke tempat kejadian semula, cari balik & minta staff kakiggym tolong carikan juga. Habib yang menjadi saksi kami pagi tu juga, tak perasan apa-apa pun. Masa tu aku dah macam nak putus harapan, rasa macam dunia ni gelap gelita je.

11.30 a.m – aku bergerak ke balai polis kajang with Mariam nak wat report sebab melibat kan IC & Hphone aku kan. Polis pun tak boleh buat apa2 masa tu, dia cakap tunjuk je kat celcom report polis pastu dapat simcard baru. Kawan aku cakap, polis boleh je nak tolong trace phone no. ko tu tapi tulah, kena lah kenal dgn orang dalam kalu nak buat macam tu (case2 mcm ni, priority utk kes jenayah je slalu).. and dikenakan bayaran juga tak salah aku.

12.15 p.m – Aku ke celcom service center kat Sg Chua, minta tolong block call out (kot2 dia org bleh pecah masuk lock code aku kan). Celcom pun tak boleh buat apa-apa yea. Walaupun aku beli kat Blue Cube, warranty hanya cover kalu rosak je yea. Minta tolong nak search kan Iphone aku pun susah… cakap tu semua  kena buat kat Apple service center. Errkkk… dia orang ni memang tak membantu lansung. So, kalu Hilang, pecah or kelalaian sendiri… sila tanggung sendiri OK.  Aku minta tukar simcard baru and suruh dia activate kan 6 jam selepas itu. Sebab aku still nak carik lagi phone aku tu.

12.50 p.m – Lepas hantar Mariam balik, aku pun balik dengan hati yang lara

1.00 p.m - Sampai rumah, terus masuk bilik, aku buka laptop sendiri dan try guna Seacrh My Iphone Apps @ Icloud. Boleh guna tapi tak dapat find plak (Aku assume Iphone aku telah di OFF kan). Kalu OFF memang tak dapat detectlah. Aku try juga tepon budak2 yang pakai I-phone sorang pun tak pick-up, nasib baik sangkut kat Kay, minta tolong dia juga search kan. Same thing also happened, cannot be found. Anyway , thanks Kay. So, I guest memang takde rezeki aku lah... redha jelah.

My mistake kat sini. Aku patut find My Iphone tu before aku keluar balik cari porch aku tu sebab time tu phone still ringing. So, that aku boleh trace lokasi dia in detail.Tapi tengah serabut kan, semua pon tak boleh nak fikir masa tu. Dan aku rase paling penting kat sini, patut nye at the first place, bila aku sedar porch aku takde dalam beg gym dan dalam keter Mariam, aku patut nye kena patah balik balik kat parking depan kaki gym.

Semalam aku dah buat I.C baru sebagai ganti yang hilang. Since report polis menyatakan aku tercicir, so, pegawai JPN kat  counter cakap kena bayar kompaun RM100. Mak aiii… banyak nyer. Kalau next time hilang lagi, double up lah kompaun nye… meaning RM200. Cekik darah betul. Luckily aku bawa duit cukup-cukup jer.

Hari ni aku cuti lagi, bukan cuti sebab aku berkabung kehilangan I-phone aku tapi cuti sebab aku tak sihat. Batuk yang makin melarat sampai bengkak tekak aku doctor cakap, selsema yang tak pernah kering, badan panas & ditambah kehilangan barang yang aku sayang… sob sob sob.

Sekarang ni aku reda jelah nak wat camne, dah hilang kan. Allah tu maha kaya, setiap yang berlaku pasti ade hikmah nye.

Esok aku masuk keje balik, Insyallah. Doakan yang terbaek & wish me luck for my appraisal tomorrow. Hopefully, semua nye berjalan lancar. Ameen

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