Thursday, March 22, 2012

My First Photobook

Finally, after almost 2 weeks waiting... my first trial photobook already arrived.

And for the first trial... I've chosen Mount Kinabalu as my first story book. Why... because this is my first mountain I started to climb... & of cos, I love the quality pictures from my PEN camera.


Yes, because I want to see the quality first & luckily got offer from groupon too. Maybe if no offer, don't think I will buy this. Of course, it'll gonna be expensive if no offer. Honestly, for this first book, I did a bit rush because I just noticed that the dateline for the offer is nearly end.

Alhamdulillah... the printing quality is very OK. Of course it depends on the photo you put it on too. If no quality picture, maybe the outcome would be different too.

What so special about this photobook???

You can design by your own... just by using the photobook software. Everything is there... the template, the frames, the colorful background & many options of design are available for you to choose. Just imagine, be creative & start to create your own story. That's it.

You can download it here

The front cover

The back cover


Overall... I satisfied with the quality

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fruit of the day

Hari ni fruit of the day is Banana & Apple. Last week busy kt ofis client, so, tak dpt nk sama2 rebut buah kt pantry. Alhamdulillah... tgh lapar2 ni ade plak rezeki. Thanks Aker for providing fruit every monday & wednesday. Good things to provide healthy & balanced diet to employees. Takde lah asyik mkn biskut jer.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My first bill

Believe it or not... after almost 6 years working, this my first time to receive my first time bill. Bukan bil letrik ke, bil air ke, bil astro ke but my first phone bill. Nak tergelak pun ade… tak pernah nak amik tahu pun pasal bil ni semua yelah sebelum ni aku pakai prepaid je pon. Kalau bother pun cuma balance of prepaid jelah (press #124* for celcom users or BAL and send to 2888)… pastu agak-agak nak habis cepat-cepat lah gi topup. Sekarang nampak nye aku kena lebih kerap lah pantau apa yang aku buat sebab nye… kalau dah exceed free usage then you have to pay additional cost. And kos sara hidup pun rase nye makin bertambah lah… kalau sebelum ni RM50 pun susah nak habis in one month sekrg RM 68 per month is compulsory. Kalau nak save more, kena buat call to celcom number jelah sebab I will get 50 hours free (jenguh nak cakap ni)… 1 jam cakap pon telinga aku dah panas. Tapi apa yang aku happy aku boleh surf internet everywhere yang ade 3G or WIFI… walaupun I'm not the die hard of facebook, twitter or whatever social network but at least I can search my favourite at a very fast speed anywhere & everywhere… (bak kata pepatah moden... Internet dihujung jari).

Langkah drastik bertukar ke bill bukan lah semata-mata sebab aku baru pakai Iphone 4S… or bukan sebab rase tercabar dengan cleaner kat ofis aku pon pakai touch screen… bukan sebab termakan racun rumpai... tapi sebab terasa kepentingan nye bial disaat-saat yang amat diperlukan where you cannot get topup directly or more precisely "emergency".

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