Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mulu - Fast Lane

Wed, 12th Jan 2011
Lagang Cave, Mulu

Price: RM55 pp
Location: Lagang Cave, Mulu
Transport: Long Boat (approximately 15 mins)

Things you may need to bring:
- Torchlight/Headlight
- Raincoat (in case of raining)
- Suitable walking shoes or sandals
- Drinking water
- Snacks/foods
- Camera

Our first activity at Mulu. At first I thought it was an adventure caving but actually show caves jer. I should take "Racer" last time…baru adventure skit tapi mase aku send email semua pun macam nak choose Fast Lane compare to Racer. But, I believe Geng Gunung mesti tak sure Adventure caving tu macam mana. Still new to activities in Mulu but OK lah for sight seeing inside caves.

We had to ride boat about 15 minutes macam tu to reach Fast Lane. We’re accompanied by our guide, Bagli. Sampai2 jer, Bagli gave us a short briefing and just then we started our tour to Lagang cave. We had to walk about half an hour like that to reach the cave. So, on the way to sempat lah Bagli ni explain skit2 pasal pokok2 kat dalam hutan tu. The surrounding view memang memukau…looks like untouched.

Boat ride to Fast Lane

Briefing by our guide...Bagli

Inside the cave, there’s plank walk for us to explore the marvellous formation of limestone cave. Macam-macam ade but make sure you have to bring torchlight or headlight for better lighting. Ade lampu juga dalam caves ni but only for certain area.

After about 2 hours tour, we returned back to Mulupark. On the way back, we had to follow another way but still we met at same way to the Boat jetty. Again, kami menikmati keindahan alam ciptaan tuhan yang seolah-olah belum diteroka lagi.

Lupa nama pokok ni apa...tapi dia hidup menumpang

Pokok Liyana...maybe sebab orang yg jumpa dulu nie nama dia same mcm Pokok ni juga

Entrance to Lagang Cave

Kami semua tak sabar nak masuk Gua nie

Fantastic Stalactites n Stalacmites

Fantastic formation

Beautiful formation inside Lagang cave

So many unique formation you could find here

All reds

Dah habis tour pun

Exit from Lagang Cave

Menikmati keindahan Alam

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